Choosing a Tachograph Chart

A common question asked is “which tachograph chart do I need for my vehicle?

The way to decipher this is as follows:

  1. Open your tachograph unit in your vehicle. 
  2. Inside the head, normally to the left, it will tell you the speed rating of the vehicle, such as 125kph or 140kph for instance.
  3. Next to the speed rating there will be an ‘E’ number which will correspond to a number printed on the back of the tacho.
  4. On the left of this website, click the category that matches your speed rating, and then choose the tachograph chart that has your ‘E’ number listed against it. This is the tachograph chart you need.

Tachograph Types

Tachograph units are usually one of three types: Manual, Automatic or ‘Combi’.

A manual is where you have to manually turn your tacho to break.  An automatic does this for you, and a ‘combi’ does both.  Most vehicles are ‘combi’.